Why we are going all-in with the Jamstack

Once in a while a new technology comes around that “changes everything”. We believe the Jamstack does just that, so let us dive deeper and tell you why.

JAM stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup.

The Jamstack is a modern way of building web sites and web apps. It’s highly scalable, cost efficient and enables optimal performance without the need to spend any time on optimizing. Using Javascript and APIs, the frontend can directly fetch data from almost any source. This not only makes for a much better and more flexible development environment, but enables easy integrations with countless services and systems.

Jamstack greatly improves Google Pagespeed results

Making a faster website doesn’t just contribute to a better browsing experience for visitors. It confers a lot of additional benefits. Due to Google taking page speed into account when ranking web sites, a faster web site will significantly boost search engine optimization (SEO), allowing for more traffic from organic search sources.

We build web apps for WooCommerce and Shopify

In eCommerce, slow pages are also prone to deter customers from completing their purchases. One study shows that every 100 milliseconds added to page load can reduce the conversion rate by 7% – suggesting that a faster shopping experience allows for higher conversion and more sales.

You might have noticed this website is quite fast? You are now browsing a GatsbyJS web app with WordPress as the CMS.

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